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6/7 JUNE 2013, VILNIUS (LT)

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Discovering Vilnius

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On the Thursday 6th of June, we will discover different faces of Vilnius during the morning:

Kazys Varnelis Museum (Thursday 6th June, morning)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnity between old architecture with gothic vaults, antique furniture, old maps, prints, sculptures and modern paintings by Kazys Varnelis forms a unique ensemble which makes this museum attractive and original. During his fifty years in the US (1949–1998) Kazys Varnelis became renowned for his paintings of optical and three dimensional illusions based on geometric abstractions and minimal forms. He has received a number of top prizes and honors and has had a number of one man and group shows; his paintings are included in a number of museums – Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, etc. Besides his art work he is an enthusiastic bibliophile and collector of antiques. (source)

Art Nouveau Fashion Exhibition (Thursday 6th June, morning)

extra_artnouveaufashionThe great collector Alexandre Vassiliev holds an exhibition devoted to the art nouveau fashion at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vilnius. Viewers are introduced to more than a hundred unique dresses of that period. All were created by designers, tailors and embroidery masters at famous European fashion houses – « The Worth », « Doucet », « The Paquin », « Cheruit », « The Rouff », « Poiret », « Babani », « The Fortuny » – and demonstrate to contemporary people the century-old fabrics, lace, cut of clothing, embroidery, applications and numerous accessories of women’s and men’s fashion. The exhibition of clothing and accessories is complemented by numerous photographs illustrating the Secession style of fashion, paintings, and furniture matching the clothing of that elegant period. (learn more about Museum of Applied Art in Vilnius)

Old Town


In 1994, the Old Town of Vilnius was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The largest Old Town in Eastern Europe is architecturally the richest part of Vilnius. Almost every style of architecture can be found: from Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism to Post-Modernism. Take part in the sightseeing tour, feel the unique atmosphere of the historic Old Town and discover the places to which you would like to come back again.


Read the story of this trip on www.mylastdestination.eu !

Užupis is sometimes compared to Montmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen. Užupis is a “Republic” of artists. It has its own anthem, constitution, president, bishop, two churches, one of the oldest graveyards in Vilnius (Bernardine Cemetery), seven bridges, and a guardian (the bronze angel of Užupis). The constitution of the Republic of Užupis is displayed on a fence at the beginning of Paupio Street. This is one of the oldest districts in Vilnius and is mentioned in historic documents as early as the 16th century.

The studio of Vladas Urbanavičius

EXTRA_Vladas Urbanavičius

The Sculptor Vladas Urbanavičius is one of the most famous contemporary artists in Lithuania. He is well-known for his metal sculpture next to the Neris river „Krantinės arkos“ (2009). By visiting his studio, you will discover all the universe of unpredictable artist mixing granite, metal and wood with an unexpected union of sculptural objects.

The studio of Mindaugas Navakas

EXTRA_Mindaugas NavakasNavakas is one of the most productive Lithuanian artists, presenting conceptual/contextual sculptures at international exhibitions. Navakas makes his sculptures under the influence of the traditions of classical modern sculpture; however, his works also show the impact of conceptual art. He previously erected monuments. Today, his works have rather acquired the features of an installation.


The Gallery Vartai


GALERIJA VARTAI, one of the first private galleries in Lithuania, was founded in 1991. It has played a vital role in the cultural life of the country ever since, putting on not just exhibitions, but also concerts, discussions, and workshops. From the very beginning, Galerija VARTAI became an important venue through which artists as well as musicians could reach the public and remains so to this day.



(AV17) Gallery

extra_AV17 Gallery

(AV17) GALLERY was established in February 2011 and is the only gallery in Lithuania which concentrates its activity on both visual arts and contemporary jewellery. Monthly changing contemporary art exhibitions create unexpected confrontations with an authentic 17th century spaces which can become a challenge for many artists.




Sideways Exhibition

visuexpovilnius(Re)discover Vilnius through the eyes of Marieke Verbrugghe and Emmanuel Prin, student t the Vilnius College of Design and at the Higher School of Art and Design in Valenciennes

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre (Friday 7th June, 8pm / Farewell Cocktail)


The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center in Vilnius presents exhibitions focusing on art and film collections by Mekas and his friend and artistic collaborator George Maciunas, founder of the Fluxus art movement.