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6/7 JUNE 2013, VILNIUS (LT)

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Let’s meet at Studio 9

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We offer you a great evening at Studio 9 to feel the creative energy of Vilnius:

Marla Singer’s Exhibition

marlasingerMarla Singer is actually the pseudonym of a young Lithuanian photographer called Rūta Jankauskaitė, who defines herself as a “little runaway girl from (a) Lithuanian village,” who “now scavenges Paris with an old bridesmaid’s dress.” Look at the pictures, inspired both by the Pop Art stylings of Andy Warhol, as well as by post-Communist pictorial elements from her Baltic homeland. Then read the rest of her brief autobiography, posted on her main website. You will understand that Marla, an accomplished commercial photographer who has produced commissioned work for Vodafone, TBWA and Swedbank among many others, is not a regular photographer. She’s quirky, tongue-in-cheek and even a bit weird. (from SmashingPicture.com)

Jam Session « Vibraphone »

jamIt can inspire and enchant, relax and excite – vibraphone‘s range of sounds is especially vast. It accumulates sadness, pain, happiness and joy. This instrument is counting 100 years and its abilities will be revealed by Timofei Birukov from Germany. Jam Session host Stepan Bitus will accompany him with dreamy evening sounds.




More soon!